Jan. 3rd, 2013

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 That's its title now. And it's done!

Project: Femdom lady pirate pegging story
Market: Storm Moon Press, Wild Moon imprint "Turning the Tables" open anthology call
Deadline: February 28, 2013
Required length:10-20K
Previous wordcount: 10841
New words written today: 2896
Present total wordcount: 13737
Mean things: Heh. Depilatories. Poor James.
Fun things: A golden collar set with lapis lazuli
Stimulants: As always, [personal profile] mswyrr 's incredible feedback and cheerleading, and the smell of that finish line in the air

It's done! More pegging, another nonsexual testing limits (a who-pays question), a mention that she's started to teach him Arabic, and the HUGE EMOTIONAL PAYOFF when she offers him a collar and he accepts.

It TOTALLY has room for a sequel, too. I mean, I know what they do when he comes back from England, as he's promised. BESIDES shag like bunny rabbits, even.

Things I had to look up today to fill in brackets: possible casual racial epithets for Arabs in the 1700s (couldn't find one, went with "Turk buggers"), history of public baths in London and the resort spa of Bath, development of Turkish terrycloth, the Arabic word for watermelon, and the names of notable brothel-keepers in London prior to 1720.

That was the stuff I could leave and keep going. Earlier in the story I'd needed to learn things about the War of the Quadruple Alliance and the political history of Tripoli in relation to the Ottoman Empire just to make sure I wasn't making any giant structural gaffes in the history. It only shows up in that Captain Wilmington was chasing a Spanish privateer, and I used the accurate name of the Pasha when I threw in a bit of business about England's treaty with the Barbary corsairs and whether Faiza was allowed to sell English captives as slaves.

Remember, this started out as a PWP. But I can't even write one of those without research. Which is how a PWP grows to almost 14K.

That, and falling in love with my characters.

It's saved, formatted, and sent off to Storm Moon.

Here's hoping they like it.

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