Jan. 7th, 2013

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That thing you were saying about Elizabethan glassware?

I should have taken that as a warning.

I have spent the last three hours looking at genre paintings of the first half of the 17th century to try to figure out if Mimi would have more likely had glass or ceramic drinking vessels and what the hell they would have looked like. 

Also whether she would have taken bottles to the wine merchant and had them filled, or whether there were wine casks of a size small enough to have it make sense that she'd have bought a cask at a time for her own use. Always taking into account that she lives on the third story above the street.

Answers about what the wealthy did in their great houses are NOT USEFUL to me.

My best guess is that she would have had thick glass that wasn't stemware. Probably footed beaker things. Several bottles would have been easier to carry than a cask, but she would have gone pretty often, considering the general untrustworthiness of drinking water, and Paris had an especially inadequate municipal water supply -- might have been clean, but there were NOT ENOUGH fountains to go around, and I would really like more information on Parisian water-sellers. I know there was a guild, but it is HARD to track down.

The internet believes the entire world is England and the US, it feels like.


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