Jan. 8th, 2013

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 Project: Musketeer/Jewish playwright novel
Market: Probably Storm Moon, unless I'm advised it might work elsewhere
Deadline: 10K in the file by 2/1 for the [community profile] orgasm_circlet challenge 
New words written today: 620
Mean things: The boot-jack is in the other room
Fun things: Adorable consensual carry into the bedroom
Today's Google searches: ten million genre paintings to look at drinking vessels, and more clarifying the Huguenot rebellions

I'm actually wondering now if this first sex scene isn't in fact a fade-to-black. It would certainly fit genre conventions better. And I know they'll be plenty graphic later. Or, this could be where I work in the random unconnected one I wrote when I was starting to understand these two, with the fairly detailed description of Olivier going downtown. In fact, that's sounding like exactly what I should do!
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All of a sudden, I have an irresistible plotbunny for a contemporary, Goth, geek, slightly chick-lit erotic vampire story.

Actually I know where it came from, because [livejournal.com profile] ketmakura and I were talking vampire anatomy and physiology, and vampire boners, you know, likeyado. (Of course you do. Don't you?) And, well, we were hypothesizing about how such things were achieved (she wants to know mechanics, I'm willing to ascribe it to the vampire's conscious intention), the potential duration (theoretically indefinite as long as the vampire had sufficient blood in his system, we agree), and why, exactly, a vampire might bother, since that's probably not their most effective pleasure source any more.

One reason why is pretty obvious: to seduce prey.

A secondary reason could be if the blood of an aroused or orgasmic person is able to provide the vampire with some of their pleasure. Which has awesome potential.

If you then add in the commonly posited idea that it's pleasurable to be bitten/fed upon by a vampire (logical enough, as it keeps the prey from struggling), well, that adds MORE awesome.

We're taking our stories in really different directions: hers is going on a D/s path, mine... like I said. Lighthearted humor, plus hopefully mindboggling sex.

But I gotta write it before it gets away.

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