Mar. 29th, 2013

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Unlike my personal journals, this identity hasn't been around long enough to acquire hosts of abandoned friends and "who are these people anyway?" journals I'm subscribed to.

HOWEVER! I have noticed a definite trend of duplication between the LJ and DW lists.

So! Please, if you would, help me out here:

  • If you have both an LJ and a DW, and you crosspost, please let me know which one you consider your primary one, and I'll subscribe there.

  • If you crosspost but have no preference, let me know that, and I'll use Dreamwidth.

  • If you only use one service, I can probably figure it out. I'm not deleting anything but duplicates.

  • If you want to grant me access to locked posts, that's at your discretion. I probably won't grant it back, as I don't make friendslocked posts on this account. This is essentially my public author blog.

  • If you only know me by this name, but want more access about my RL trials and tribulations than I post here, go over and drop a comment at my personal account, name of rikibeth. It's also mirrored from DW to LJ. Leave a comment at whichever location you'd prefer I read you at.

  • Keep in mind that I haven't been posting overmuch there, lately, either.

  • But I'll be doing some filter maintenance there soon. Mostly concerning who's interested in being on the filter about bipolar disorder. Totally opt-in. I don't want to burden anyone who doesn't want to hear about it. But if you do, rikibeth is the place to find it. I'm not likely to talk about it a lot on this one, but I'll add anyone who wants to know there.

  • I won't drop you from the author journal if you subscribe to the personal one, or vice versa. I can handle THAT much duplication.  See edit below. You might get some duplication yourself, as I'm certainly going to hassle my friends with post any really important writing news to the personal LJ.

  • If you know me as both author and ordinary slob, and only care about one info stream, defriend/unsubscribe at will.

  • If you don't care about either, defriend/unsubscribe at will!
  • ETA: If I only subscribe to you on DW, but subscribe as both my author and personal self, I might take you off the author-journal reading page. Access will not be affected. I may defriend people from the author LJ if I've friended you both as my author and personal self. This will not affect your access to any author stuff, because that journal's public! And, again, if you ONLY care about the author stuff, and don't subscribe/friend my personal journals, I'll stay subscribed to YOU as my author self. I'm interested in ALL of you! Just, you know, not twice, or four times over.

Thank you SO much for helping me improve the signal-to-noise ratio of my friends feeds!

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