Jun. 15th, 2013

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I'm not sure whether I'm referring to the lifting and carrying I did at [livejournal.com profile] gehayi 's house, or to the effort it took to get 418 words today.

Project: Julia and Mary (Regency lesbians)
Market: Storm Moon Press, An Improper Arrangement open anthology call
Deadline: June 30, 2013
Required length:8-12K
New words written: 1216 (798 yesterday, 418 today)
Present total wordcount: 11717
Mean things: Measles
Fun things: Toy sailboat on the Serpentine
Stimulants: Homemade blue cheese dressing on my salad, Good Humor birthday cake flavor ice cream bar

No WAY is this story going to be under 12K, but it WILL be in the original 10-20K range. Probably come out around 16-17K is my guess.

Caroline's children have caught the measles, sending Caroline back to Maitland House and requiring Julia and Mary to leave London, which gave a handy reason for Julia to invite Mary to come visit HER instead of going directly home. They took Julia's son to the park so that his nursemaid could pack his things uninterrupted. Julia revealed to Mary that her marriage was in no way a love-match. Mary was not yet bold enough to confess what the deal was with hers.

It's in Julia's POV right now, which is giving me a lot of scope to reveal her inner angst and the rigid self-control she imposes on herself to try to keep from wanting what she believes she'll never have.

I know what I'm writing next, too. Thanks to The Regency Redingote, I learned a terrific little detail about Regency luggage that'll lead to a minor carriage accident, an unplanned stop at an inn, and the ever-popular Enforced Bed Sharing, which will NOT lead to nookie at this point. Just a lot of frustrated desire.

After that there will be one more segment in Mary's POV before we get to the Climactic Kiss, the resulting emotional exchange, and the emotional resolution that finally leads to the nookie.

And I think I'll be ending it with a letter from Julia to Caroline, explaining that Mary will be staying forever. Apparently I can't get away from the trope of bringing a U-Haul on the second date...

But it feels like I know where I'm going, and there are basically five segments left, and one's a sex scene and one's a letter, both of which are typically VERY easy for me.

So I think I can make deadline!

Oh, if you were wondering about the homemade blue cheese dressing, it wasn't exactly complicated. I had blue cheese crumbles around anyway, because I like them on salad, and I stirred some into a little buttermilk, which I always have in my fridge because pancakes, and then I mixed in a little mayonnaise for texture. But it made my salad DELICIOUS.

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