Jul. 3rd, 2013

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 So, when I got "Lost and Found" submitted, I decided I'd drop a little thank-you note to the fellow who'd made this page about the B-24 bomber, because it was so helpful for me to have those diagrams, and everybody likes to get positive feedback, right?

He sent me a nice little reply saying "thanks for the nice note, glad it helped you, I'd love to read your story sometime."


See, the way I got his contact info was to go up one level on the URL, which got me to his home page. Which he has set up as a sort of "family blog" that reminds me, in tone, of the sort of Christmas newsletter people send to their extended circle. Kids' academic achievements, vacations he & his wife take, stuff related to his father who served on a B-24.

And maybe I'm not giving him enough credit. Maybe this head of a very wholesome-looking, Middle-American family, who lives in one of the more conservative US states... maybe he's broad-minded enough to appreciate a gay romance about WWII soldiers. With a sex scene in it.

But my gut is telling me that's not the way to bet.

Part of me wants to write back, if it gets accepted, and say "it's appearing in a charity anthology to support LGBT soldiers in the US military, I'm really glad it's supporting such a worthy cause," and let him decided what to do about that.

Another part of me is saying "yeah, just leave this one alone."

Most days, I look at things like the decision overturning DOMA, and striking down Prop. 8, and my own state having not only equal marriage, but anti-discrimination protection that extends to gender expression as well as sexual orientation, and I think, "YAY! Progress!"

Then I come up against something like this, and I see how my own doubts are keeping me silent... and I want to cry.

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