Aug. 6th, 2013

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 Sitting on the sofa next to a good friend and listening while she reads the manuscript of your latest short story.

If you can arrange to have had terrific Indian food right before that, so much the better.

I'm at [personal profile] anne 's place for today and tomorrow, keeping her company while she deals with bureaucracy, and probably going to be the one who drives to Target, as she didn't learn to drive as part of the Boston Hivemind.

Fear us, for I brought the box sets of Hornblower and Pride & Prejudice, and we're watching them with Fangirl Commentary.
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 I'm over at World of Diversity today, talking about bringing same-sex relationships and working-class characters into the upper-class, marriage-minded world of the Regency romance.

Meanwhile, my visit with [personal profile] anne is going wonderfully - she's still getting to know her neighborhood, so we checked out a nearby diner, and discovered that it offers Irish as well as American breakfast goodies, so I got to have Irish sausage and white pudding with my eggs and home fries. And then we stopped in at a thrift store that was about two doors down, and my thrift-fu reasserted itself: a sleeveless dress in a small black-and-white houndstooth check for $8. And a pair of black low-heeled shoes, too. I am not going to tell you the size on the dress label, because I'm convinced it's outrageous vanity sizing, even if I have lost some weight recently. 

And we're meeting up with [personal profile] heavenscalyx for dinner at Redbones. Because Anne is originally from Texas, and she requires barbecue, and I have to see if Redbones passes muster.

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