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Project: Unconventional Historical Romance Novel
Deadline: haven't got one
New words written: 341
Present total word count: 17947
Reason for stopping: bedtime
Mean things: Drunken postillion
Fun things: well, *I* thought it was fun to create that small hassle; also, fresh-caught pike
Stimulants: pizza
Words Word don't know: None today

Today was a bad day for words. All I needed, I thought, was a brief transition to the Sex Scene.

Yeah. That's what those 341 words are, and to get them I spent a great deal of time noodling around with Google Maps, nature preserve websites (that was about the fish), Hannah Glasse (to know how the innkeeper's wife would COOK the fish, even though I'M NOT EVEN DESCRIBING IT, although it might work its way in tomorrow), and a couple of sites about tile-hung architecture and how that worked - which is DEFINITELY not in any of the words I wrote, but would my brain let me do anything until I knew about it? It would not.

It may also have something to do with the emotional depletion of doing my taxes, which was bad even though I'm going to be getting a refund. But they're done.

Also there was a delay on one of my two regular prescriptions and I can sort of feel my brain grinding its gears without it. Tomorrow: bugging the pharmacy.

The thing that probably broke my brain hardest, though, was realizing that I'm freaking well writing fix-it fic again. Lancelot/Arthur/Guinevere fix-it fic. I DID NOT DO THIS ON PURPOSE. But the number of tropes I'm hitting is positively ridiculous. Well, it explains Caroline a little bit better to me, now.

Ill-Made Knight. King who didn't know he'd be king. The young bride.


why, yes, I've been angry at their story since I was twelve. And yes, I'm pleased to be able to fix it.

The coolest thing, I think, is that knowing this gives me Mordred-era hooks for a sequel. AND I CAN FIX THOSE TOO.

Take THAT, Malory. And Tennyson. And Bradley. And White.

So, tomorrow, there will probably be a lot of words.

I hope.
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Project: Unconventional Historical Romance Novel
Deadline: well, I'd like to finish it someday
New words written: 833
Present total word count: 17609
Reason for stopping: Had to start on my taxes
Mean things: The lieutenant dashed one of the viscount's hopes, because he has standards
Fun things: The lieutenant wonders how he ever found the viscount's expression difficult to read
Stimulants: One cup of coffee, cream no sugar; not enough food
Words Word don't know: It doesn't like "re-set." Well, the viscount doesn't like it either.

I may start taking pictures of my cups and mugs, just because.

The Marriage Discussion is done! Next up, SEX SCENE. Sex scenes are easy, narrative is hard. But not until after I finish my taxes.

Naturally, while I was in the shower today, the boys decided that I was now permitted to hear more of their past romantic history. I can probably work it in. It'll make a good conversation before they go to sleep.

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