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 I swear, I didn't even eat that much. Well, maybe more malted milk balls than I ought. I do love them so.

I've been writing the untitled Advent calendar vignette, rather desultorily -- so I haven't been posting progress, but I do have 1178 words on it so far. I keep doing other things -- like catching up on my friendslists, and cooking/baking, and trying to finish The Age of Wonder, and hosting a special Halloween livestream of The Three Musketeers, because TheFirstChibi wondered if anyone in the group of Paul McGann fans on tumblr would, and, well, I like socializing over movies even if it's on the internet, and, of course, knitting.

Speaking of knitting:

I did two more repeats of the cable pattern since yesterday. I love cabling. Especially now that I'm using a dpn as the holder instead of a cable pin. Just slide the stitches to the other end!

I seem to have taken on more writing projects -- [personal profile] laylah pointed me at Riptide's open calls, and I think Julia-and-Mrs.-Campbell is now earmarked for them (which means it's up next, after the Advent story), and I mentioned the auction last post, and this means the Storm Moon Regency-lesbians thing will be Caroline and Julia in their Season, which is pretty much the only time frame I can have them still fooling around but past their magic 18th birthdays. Also, uh, I may have promised Chibi a brief fanfic, because in the Disney Three Musketeers, the Athos/D'Artagnan slash JUST WRITES ITSELF. Missing-scene between the tavern scene and the cannonball. Sex scenes are easy, and the Advent story hasn't got one.

My HEAD, you guys. Let me get outside of more of my coffee.

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 Another thing I stole from [livejournal.com profile] matociquala .

I've decided I'm also including my knitting.

You can also see my messy little table

Today's tea cup: the diner mug, a relic of the prep cook job at an upscale burger place. Today's knitting: the hot water bottle cozy, in 70/30 acrylic/wool, about 2 inches to the 10" goal before starting the decreases and the rib knit neck. I'm learning to cable!
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 Fourth Doctor scarf in progress

My Fourth Doctor scarf. Which I hop to finish this decade. That's the first 104-row "tan" stripe done. Why they call it "tan" when the yarn color says "ash" I have no idea.

And, yes, somehow I managed to knit about half a row in stockinette instead of garter stitch. I decided I didn't care enough to rip it out, as it'll probably be somewhere down by my shins when I wear it.

Things I ought to do today/this weekend: Go pick up a movie at the library (the "Mansfield Park" with Billie Piper in it). Go to the store and get Quorn grounds (which are not at my regular supermarket) and the few things I missed on yesterday's grocery run. Caramelize some onions. Make dinner (probably minestrone, although it's on the warm side for that). Run my laundry. Strip my bed. Run the sheets-and-towels laundry. Give the bathroom floor and the tub and sink a once-over. <em>Write my Advent Calendar story.</em>

Things I have done, recently: Finished that stripe. Did the dishes. Untangled a $19 skein of yarn for [personal profile] eternaleponine that she was ready to trash. Bought a pair of over-the-ear headphones so I can shut out distractions like the TV. Done the bulk of the week's grocery shopping. Cast on for the short and simple knitting project I've chosen for my Advent Calendar giveaway. Caught up on my LJ/DW lists. And settled on the dinner that's the center for the Advent story.

What's your weekend look like?

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