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Project: Unconventional Unintentionally Arthurian Romance Novel
Deadline: haven't got one
New words written: 187
Present total word count: 20238
Reason for stopping: Reconnecting with the internet
Mean things: There's a risk the intended bride will reject the viscount's proposal
Fun things: She doesn't. Also, worked in a mention of the actress, who so far has only appeared in outtake.
Stimulants: Readjusting to my brain candy
Words Word don't know: None today

Today I only added some words to the proposal scene based on some suggestions [personal profile] mswyrr made last night.

I would like to take a minute to talk about [personal profile] mswyrr, who betas LIKE A BOSS.

She knows academic stuff about romance structure that I don’t, and points out to me that this stuff I’m coming up with apparently for the hell of it has actual structural purpose. Which is useful to know.

She also encourages me to be mean to my characters because I always have doubts about it. I love them. I want them to be happy. I know they WILL be happy. But I have to make them sad first or there’s no story.

She also is FABULOUS at pointing out when I’ve left out too much of their internal monologue. I came at this from years of RP done part by email and part by IM. Can you say “dialogue-heavy?” She points out where she’d like to see the characters WORRYING more about how these conversations are going to go. And then I add it, and I see how much better she’s made it.

She’s completely amazing.

This has been your Beta Appreciation Post for today.

On the research front: found an audio recording and academic discussion of Sussex dialect. Am feeling somewhat nervous, but I think that if I follow the grammatical tropes I tag in my mind as "generic English rural," I'll mostly get it.

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