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Project: One Of These Days I'll Think Of A Title Romance Novel
Deadline: haven't got one
New words written: 317 from where I left off
Present total word count: 31945
Reason for stopping: past my bedtime
Mean things: nothing really new since yesterday
Fun things: more bossy, motherly fussing
Stimulants: crab rangoon

Today was at least as much about editing as it was about extending the scene, although I did get them to OUT THE DOOR again. But I had to bring the lieutenant back in from a little before where I left off last night, so he could have trouble not laughing at his mother fussing at the viscount, and then I noticed a discontinuity about the lieutenant's sea-chest still being on the coach that was waiting at the inn so I had to fiddle with that, plus, I spent over two hours a) looking for my firewire cable and b) putting everything back in the cupboard after I'd pulled it all out to look for the firewire cable.

Like this:

Which I managed to turn into this:

So, not so much writing.

More words tomorrow.

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