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Project: Unnamed Christmas story
Market: Storm Moon Press, "22 Days of Yule" open anthology call
Deadline: October 15, 2012
Required length:15-20K
New words written: 320
Present total wordcount: 320
Mean things: the cook won't let Thorne help in the kitchen
Fun things: ginger biscuits
Stimulants: my usual morning coffee and sippy cup sports bottle of iced tea
Reason for stopping: stomachache

I started the Christmas story! I only worked on it for a total of 40 minutes today; I did one set of household chores in the morning, did two 20/10s of writing, ate lunch, and then the plan was to do another chore and then more writing before it was time to cook dinner, but I only got through one 20/10 on the chore (putting away the enormous pile of clothes on my bedroom chair) before my stomach let me know that work was OVER for the day, unless I wanted to work through a haze of pain.

Eventually I decided to move from the sofa upstairs to my bed. The half-finished pile of clothes mocked me, so I spent another twenty minutes on it and got it finished. Then I lay down with a heated rice sock on my stomach.

Still in bed. Thank goodness for laptops.

I'm guessing it might be the naproxen I took for cramps. I'd been using the OTC dose before, and getting only marginal results, but no stomach upset. This month I used the prescription stuff. I took it with food, the way you're supposed to, but I guess a bowl of Cheerios wasn't enough to cushion it.

I'm starting to feel a little hungry. I'm thinking rice porridge. Yeah, it's that unpleasant.

But I did start the story!

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