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 Cheyenne's website DOESN'T say anything about simultaneous submissions, and they want just a query letter. I emailed them to ask about simultaneous submissions. Haven't heard back yet but it's early Monday.

Storm Moon wants a "marketing plan" in the query letter along with the attached synopsis, partial manuscript, yadda yadda. I emailed them over the weekend to ask if there was a particular format they expected for a marketing plan. I got a very prompt response from them explaining that they just needed an informal paragraph going over what social media you planned to use, and if you were willing to do stuff like blog tours, and how much time you had to devote to such things. Not nearly as intimidating as I thought.

Storm Moon also has some open calls out, including one for winter holiday short stories, 15-20K. WELL HEY. Love Continuance and Increasing ends about a month before Christmas, and the happy triad intends to keep Christmas together. I bet I can write that between now and the October 15 deadline! Spent a couple hours last night developing an arc for it with [personal profile] mswyrr , who is still the Best Beta In The World. It makes the most sense for it to be from Lt. Thorne's POV all the way through. I'll be building it around the question of his belonging to the family -- class tensions, no legal recognition, breaking quite a few laws as well as being scandalous -- and how they resolve that, because resolve it they do! And I can take it through a Georgian Christmas and end with first-footing (they are not Scottish, but friend of the family is and encourages them to incorporate the tradition) and New Year's kisses (I don't know if that's an anachronism, but I bet they can do it anyway)! So that will give me something to write while I'm still researching the sequel.

Speaking of researching, I racked up some serious overdue fines at the library for my current research books, because my car went kablooie (transmission, clutch, GAAAH) and it sort of slipped off my radar to WALK to the library. The car should be ready this week, but I'm walking over today.

Wondering if I should set up a Facebook for this name (I hate Facebook, BUT), maybe an auxiliary tumblr, a separately named Twitter? I have followings under my current names, but I feel like I should have a coherent and consistent presence (God, that sounds pretentious) for the writing stuff. Oh yeah. And I nabbed a Pinterest thing and I'll definitely be setting it up as Julian Griffith because it'll be all the pretty pictures of houses and dresses and landscapes and carriages that I found for inspiration!

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