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Project: Unconventional Historical Romance Novel
Deadline: we don't need no steenkin' deadlines
New words written: 479
Present total word count: 16776
Reason for stopping: Cannot brain
Mean things: The lieutenant was slightly out of patience with the viscount's first-world problems
Fun things: Grandmama dropped her guard for a second.
Stimulants: Homemade minestrone, really large mug of sweet milky tea
Words Word don't know: None today

I got distracted from the novel today because [profile] following_sea had a challenge up about flowered underwear. (I swear there's historical evidence!)

Now, I'm the sort of person who, given an angst-loaded pairing, will do my utmost to write them a happily-ever-after. I do death fixes, for crying out loud. (Nobody is allowed to kill Jamie Bamber. I can't let it stand.)

So, naturally, when given a ridiculous, lighthearted challenge, I write angst.

~550-ish words (AO3 and Google Docs don't agree, that's somewhere in the middle).

Tomorrow I'll try to get them past the initial Comparison of Grandmothers and onto the Marriage Discussion. Then and only then will I let myself write The Next Sex Scene.

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