Oct. 31st, 2012 08:15 am
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 I'm not doing it. Not by the rules, anyway.

I'm not really ready to start on the sequel, yet. I just received Memoirs of a Sergeant: The 43rd Light Infantry During the Peninsular War, which is going to be critical for writing the Rockingham sections, and I need to do more research about  the Company of St. Barbara, because I SO want to include them somehow!

Also, I have other open-call things with actual submission deadlines that I want to try, before I work on a sequel to a novel that hasn't been bought yet.

One of them's the Advent calendar story, which I hope I can finish this week. Another one is Carina's Home for the Holidays military-themed one, which I know needs to be about the Rockinghams' cook-maid Polly and her soldier sweetheart, and then the next one is the call for Regency lesbian ones that Storm Moon Press is interested in.

Now, Home for the Holidays is supposed to be novella-length, and An Improper Arrangement is specified as short story, so if I knock both of those out by the end of the month, and maybe start on the sequel, I might hit 50,000 words. It just won't be all on one project.

Plus, I need to keep submitting Love Continuance and Increasing, and there's knitting.

But, if any of you are doing NaNo, I will definitely be cheering you on!

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