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 I SHOULD have been working on the "An Improper Arrangement" story. I've been neglecting it. (I've been neglecting everything. I haven't been well.)

But she was telling me about an obscure-fandoms fest or meme or SOME damn thing, and how someone had requested Major Edrington/Georgiana Darcy.

Which... no. If you put P&P in 1813, he's MUCH too old for her, given that he had to be at least mid-twenties at Quiberon in '95. And she's sixteen. Even if you put P&P in the mid-1790s when it was written, sure, he'd be kind to her, but they're not a match with any chemistry.

So, being who I am, I said "You know what works better? Edrington/Darcy." 

[livejournal.com profile] kittygamble liked this idea. And, once I'd said it, it would not leave me alone until I wrote it.

So, here. Have a little under 2000 words of Edrington/Darcy slash. Mildly smutty, but not as explicit as I usually write things. In my typical fashion, the men are very clearly bisexual. A little wistful, but, for the most part, sweet.

If you think I can be arsed to figure out a title, think again. )


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