Jan. 1st, 2013

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 ...yeah, DON'T I WISH.

Today was a day of hideous distractions. Some of them were my own fault: yes, I stayed off tumblr, but I spent plenty of time chatting with some friends about The State Of The Genre (how the fuck did I wind up writing in a genre that I barely read, except for the things my friends write? There's going to be a learning curve here) and dicking around on my brand new Goodreads account, which was not unrelated to my observations on The State of the Genre.

Some were NOT my fault. I had to take the kid over to the ex's house to collect the school backpack that was left there all vacation, I had to do dishes, and I had to cook dinner. By the time I sat down to work on my femdom-lady-pirate story, it was getting late.

And then [livejournal.com profile] eternaleponine and the kid start having a conversation, and a friend IMed me, and  [livejournal.com profile] eternaleponine started watching a TV show that she usually watches on her laptop and it was LOUD, and then ANOTHER friend IMed me, and honestly I should just have gone upstairs and gotten away from all of it, but I didn't, and that was also my own stupid fault.

But I did go THROUGH the thing again. And while I did not carry the plot further forward, I did clear up some of the bracketed parts I'd noted at the beginning for revision - the hundred-gun warship is now a 36-gun ship, which is technically not a frigate as they hadn't been invented quite yet, but there's no point in mentioning that it was a demi-batterie, it is not at all germane to the story - and managed to adapt the dildo scene to include a harness -- Midori's two-scarf harness, which I felt was far more plausible than asking readers to believe that Faiza kept a specially-made one hanging about under her mattress just in case she met a man who was game -- so that it would better match the anthology call specifying pegging.

Given the noise and distractions I have no idea how well those revisions integrated. I'll have to read it over again tomorrow.

But it stands at 8386 words, and I think I've got a good hope of finishing it by the end of the week.


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