Jun. 26th, 2013


Jun. 26th, 2013 01:18 pm
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 Do I want to consider writing anything for the Riptide Anniversary Open Submissions Call or the Torquere Monthly Sips?

So far, I've only ever written for Storm Moon. That is, I did the novel and was prepared to submit it everywhere, and Storm Moon accepted it, and since then I've answered a Storm Moon holiday open line call ("Therefore Be Merry, Set Sorrow Aside") and their Turning The Tables anthology call ("Your Most Humble and Obedient Servant") and now their An Improper Arrangement anthology call ("Cherish the Ladies"). I haven't had a rejection yet, though An Improper Arrangement isn't closed yet, and I doubt I'll hear back on that before August. Theoretically the turnaround on short stories is two weeks after the anthology closes. I know better.

I've reluctantly dropped the idea of answering Storm Moon's Uncommon Valor call (gay male, WWII) even though I have a plotbunny. Said plotbunny might work for Torquere's September theme, "In Uniform", though at 3000-8000 words, I'd have to make it kind of a condensed version or a "here's a scene from" trailer-type thing for what I'd originally envisioned for the plotbunny. But, hey. Spider Robinson was able to extend short stories and novellas into full length novels (I'm thinking of the novels Stardance and Mindkiller) so maybe I could. And 3000-8000 is a lot easier to contemplate finishing by July 31 (oh shit theirs is July 1 can I do it tonight?) than 10-20K by July 31, when I've got coursework to do.

But what I had in mind for my next-up was... well, I'm considering two possibilities: write the trans* Peninsular War soldier (in Rockingham's regiment, so part of my dear, familiar continuity) novel for Storm Moon, who, last month, were saying "we want trans* stories so badly we're considering offering advances," or turning my attention to my Jewish lady playwright and her bisexual Musketeer lover, and, when I finish it, trying to find an AGENT for it. Because now I've got a few credits, and I'm given to understand that having a track record works in one's favor when trying to get an agent. And. There's been a recent hiccup at Storm Moon, and, while they've been reassuringly transparent about it, it still makes me nervous that they've been running  so close to the bone that their present situation can produce the aforementioned hiccup, and I'm wondering if I ought to branch out.

So. Experienced type people, friends, anyone reading this -- thoughts? Experiences with the aforementioned publishers? Advice about agents?


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