Mar. 1st, 2013

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 Well. I got really distracted by starting an exercise program. Then I overdid it and crashed. And I completely blew being able to write "Publishing the Banns", because for all that I had an outline and a nice chunk of research, I lacked a voice for the POV character. And there was mundane stuff like filing taxes (I still have to do my state taxes) and getting my teenager's FAFSA and CSS profile done. And tumblr changed their interface to the point where I found it nearly unusable.

So. Back on the horse. I have a month to do a 25K story for a Riptide call for Regency romances, and I have a premise for that, if not a full outline or anything, and at least one character has a voice, so that's something. It's going to be a F/F story, so if Riptide doesn't take it, or I don't finish it in time, I can cut 5K out of it and turn it in for the Storm Moon call "An Improper Arrangement", due in June. Then it's working on expanding and polishing "Sometimes Sin's a Pleasure", for the Total E-Bound call "Frost Bites", winter vampire stories. In between times, I can work on the Mimi and Olivier novel. Also, I've now been assigned an editor for Love Continuance and Increasing, and while I haven't heard from her yet, the deadline for that is 5/31.

In non-writing things, there's the state taxes (which I should do today), and on Monday I'll start going to the gym (or, depending on weather, running outside) again, and a Sailbros expedition to the USS Constitution next weekend, and I need to register for summer session classes, and the eternal job of Cleaning Up Around Here. Plus I should get back in touch with the shrink.

In writing-RELATED stuff, there's the Rainbow Book Fair in NYC in April, where I'll get to meet the marketing director for Storm Moon, because I'm putting her up at my house, and I have some books I can review, and suchlike.

So. Radio silence hopefully over, and I look forward to being in touch with folks again.

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