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 I'm over at World of Diversity today, talking about bringing same-sex relationships and working-class characters into the upper-class, marriage-minded world of the Regency romance.

Meanwhile, my visit with [personal profile] anne is going wonderfully - she's still getting to know her neighborhood, so we checked out a nearby diner, and discovered that it offers Irish as well as American breakfast goodies, so I got to have Irish sausage and white pudding with my eggs and home fries. And then we stopped in at a thrift store that was about two doors down, and my thrift-fu reasserted itself: a sleeveless dress in a small black-and-white houndstooth check for $8. And a pair of black low-heeled shoes, too. I am not going to tell you the size on the dress label, because I'm convinced it's outrageous vanity sizing, even if I have lost some weight recently. 

And we're meeting up with [personal profile] heavenscalyx for dinner at Redbones. Because Anne is originally from Texas, and she requires barbecue, and I have to see if Redbones passes muster.

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